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You know what’s more important for a doctor than getting new patients?

Retaining existing patients.

Appointment Management, Patient Management, Clinic Management, EHR/EMR, Tele-medicine, All in One App

OmRxDoc is your patient relationship partner. Increase patient retention and loyalty. No reviews or ratings.


Tired of free phone consultations?
Call or video-consult with your patients via OmRxDoc hassle-free, get paid in advance, always! Pay zero commissions on your consultations.


WhatsApp filled with chat messages from patients?
Chat with your patients without revealing your phone number. Use OmRxDoc for better work-life balance. Build patient trust and retain your patients forever.


Unable to manage time across multiple practices?
Manage appointment bookings, send automated reminders, view patient traffic and queue status across multiple locations.


Struggling to get the case history in the paper pile?
Digitize audio, video, case histories and hand written prescription all through your phone without any external hardware, access it anywhere, anytime.

Account Book

Struggling with reconciliations?
Record payments received across various channels, and get a holistic view of your practice revenues.


Having a hard time tracking patient referrals?
Refer your patients to other doctors on the OmRx network, and also receive patients from them, securely by sharing relevant clinical data.

All This & Much More in One Simple App.
The Digital Healthcare Revolution is here!


A mobile app exclusively designed and developed for doctors with 2+ years of R&D


A mobile app offered by doctors exclusively to their patients

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