About us.

OmRx is a Mysuru, India, based start-up, passionate about transforming the Indian Healthcare Ecosystem with minimal change. We encourage doctors to continue hand-written Rx (prescriptions) to improve and sustain the long-term doctor-patient relationship. Our goal is for every doctor to have the means to capture, access, and seamlessly share critical patient data among their peer group, anywhere, anytime.

The OmRxDoc app is an outcome of meticulous and extensive partnership (~2 years) with doctors, factoring the local practices and demography. The app has evolved to its current form, based on multiple interactions with doctors practicing in both cities and small towns.

OmRx has ‘reimagined’ the healthcare solution to a more positive experience for both the practitioner and the patient, with technology being the indispensable glue. 

Our solution reinforces the ‘relationship-based approach’ between a practitioner and patients, with a number of tangible and intangible benefits, a few listed below:

– higher degree of patient trust towards a practitioner.
– a deeper and more empathetic engagement of patients.
– minimal effort by patients to discover a new healthcare provider.
– reduced churn of existing patients for a practitioner.
– improved clinical performance and greater mobility.
– continuity of care based on end-to-end or historical data.
– encourage collaborative decision-making among practitioners.
– seamless exchange of medical data to further fuel doctor-patient trust.

This virtuous circle between practitioners, patients, and other partners will only make healthcare a positive experience for all the stakeholders.

Healthcare is an emotional journey for every patient (and family) with the “practitioner” in the driver’s seat controlling the course of the treatment. To make the ride less painful, it is imperative that the practitioner is provided with the necessary tools and information. OmRx does just that by providing the essential instruments to the busy care provider.