OmRxDoc is a mobile app to be used by individual doctors and their staff (receptionist, nurse/sister, etc) to digitize the paper based medical records (e.g. OPD Rx). Further, the digital medical record of a patient can be securely shared with:

  • a Doctor (on or outside of OmRx platform) during patient referral
  • a Diagnostic Lab (on OmRx platform) to receive digitised lab reports.
  • a Pharmacy (on OmRx platform) to home deliver medicines to patients.

In addition, OmRx supports practice management functions like patient management, appointments handling, payment tracking and many more features. 

OmRxDoc is a doctor-centric app carefully designed to be easy to use, understand, and navigate. OmRxDoc also helps you build a peer network that enables increased patients via referrals.

At its core, OmRxDoc enables Doctors to “better connect” with their patients every time. the digitized clinical data from one or more locations is viewable anywhere, anytime. Further, the app enables Doctors to network with other Doctors and healthcare providers (Labs and Pharmacies), as necessary.

The OmRx team is highly committed to the safety of your clinical data. To get more details about our data guidelines, click on the link given. Privacy Policy

OmRxDoc is available as a FREE TRIAL, for 4 weeks. At any point in time during your free trial, you may decide to purchase our subscription plan of Rs 299 per month. To get more insights into our pricing structure, click on the link. Pricing

Yes, the app you see today is a result of intense R&D of over 24 months. We have practising doctors in the core build team at OmRx. Further, testing and feedback gathering was done with several doctors before releasing the current version of the app.

In case you decide to cancel your OmRxDoc subscription, your current subscription will continue till the end of the cycle. No further payments will be charged.

No. We believe that every healthcare interaction is based on a lot of factors and situations and it is not fair to rate someone with just star ratings. We respect the privacy of the practitioner and have consciously avoided the rating practice in the OmRx App

The OmRx App has been meticulously designed with guidance from doctors to ensure easy navigation and usage. The ease of use is not just for doctors but also for their staff (receptionist, nurse, etc). Additionally, the Help section in the OmRxDoc app provides detailed explanatory videos about each function on the app.

No. We at OmRX pledge not to sell your data. In fact, your data is yours and you will be able to download it on demand via an automated process. 


You can reach us at [email protected]. For more contact related information, you can check out the link Contact Us

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